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Assalamualaikum and hello world πŸ™‚

Alhamdulillah, all of our hardwork pays off πŸ™‚Β During the Edutechnovation Day, everyone is very happy satisfied with the results of our project – video, poster & also storyboard.

What’s more important is that the message that we are trying to deliver through our video is successfully delivered.

The last class for this semester memory :)

The last class for this semester memory πŸ™‚

All of the other group’s work are also very good and everyone enjoy them. I especially liked the one from GG Creation. Their video is very funny but at the same time is very meaningful as well.

I also respect toward the Ladies Production group because when they have to re-shoot for mainly about 60% of their video in just a week time, they manage to pull through all the editing process and hard work together to finally produced a meaningful video & mark the 2nd place in the Best Video Award *clap3x (Dr Rosseni keep mentioning that all of us are winners actually πŸ™‚

We got hamper yeayy!!

We got hamper yeayy!!

Well, preparing for this day to come, Alhamdulillah we do not have to many work to do left to do. Our storyboard has been updated according to the scenes that we use in our video. The poster is already printed well. Oh, by the way, Last week, Dr Rosseni did comment on the font that we use for the main title of our video should be in the same font that we use for the rest and try to make the Β background more lively. However, when we did that, it kind of feels not right especially because we cannot find any good background that can give fun & lively mood, but at the same formal vibe through the pictures. So, we decided to stick with the latest one.

Next, about our video, since the lecturers and facilitators are already very satisfied with our video, we also did not add in more things to keep it that way. Ilya did some last touch-up to arrange the background music so that it will fit in the selected scenes.

Hard work pays off finally!

Hard work pays off finally!

As for the 1 Minute Pitch, we have to record them by ourselves and paste them on the individual reflection blog so that the lecturers and facilitators will be able to judge them. We just hope that everything turns out well In shaa allah πŸ™‚

We honestly are very happy and grateful to enroll in this course and met very kind and hardworking lecturers as well as facilitators. We also learnt so many things about ICT that we can use the skills to apply during the Teaching & Learning process when we become a teacher on day. Lastly, we are very proud of our own and other groups’ work as we know that we have been through so many mixed feelings of stress, pressure, happy, sad, disappointed and so on to achieve today’s result. Therefore, thank you very much everyone for giving such wonderful memory and time. We are also very happy with our cooperation between the so called 4 Diva to finish off this project successfully.

Thank you very much πŸ™‚

Edutechnovation Day

Edutechnovation Day





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Assalamualaikum and good day dear readers!

Honestly, we thought that today is gonna be the biggest day ever for the event of ‘EDUTECHNOVATION DAY’ in which every group must present their full, complete version of video project and the poster.

However since all of the groups need to do a lot of improvements for so many unexpected mistake for the poster as well as the scenes/shots in the video, we can just do a simple presentation. Not to mention that the lecturer and facilitators gave us one last chance to improve our video project the grading will get higher during the real Edutechnovation day next week.

Alhamdulillah, after some last minute re-shooting done and re-designing poster & storyboard done, we manage to get some acknowledgements from the lecturer & the facilitators for our great effort & work πŸ™‚

Last Edit Last

p.s: Alhamdulillah Dr Rosseni love our tagline πŸ˜‰

For our 5 minutes presentation, we use Prezi to deliver our aim and expectation of our video. Faiezah and Fatin Athirah also explained a little bit about our poster and flyers.

For the best part of the day, let the pictures tell the words πŸ™‚

Oh, by the way, we did wear a specific colour code (purple) like we discussed before.

Oh, by the way, we did wear a specific colour code (purple) like we discussed before.

4Diva Production's crews

4Diva Production’s crews

The spirit of fighting to success!!

The spirit of fighting to success!!

Our beloved Dr Rosseni

Our beloved Dr Rosseni


Job Well Done!

Job Well Done!


Look forward for the real Edutechnovation Day next week πŸ˜‰

Thank you everyone. Bye!




download (4)Assalamualaikum and hello peeps!

This time, we got a new challenging task to create a POSTER for our video production. Some sort of to promote our video like the films and movies out there.

The application used to make the poster is Adobe Photoshop Cs5 (the one that we use when Mr Helmi taught us the basics of crop-ing pictures).

Except that this time around, the process does not even only crop-ing, but also how to insert the backgrounds, to combine a lot of pictures in a sheet, to insert wordings etc etc.

A very CHALLENGING task indeed for us new beginners.

But undeniably, its FUN!

There’s a lot of functions available to edit the pictures to be awesome like this one:

images (30)

or like this:

images (29)

I wonder if it is possible for our poster to be like that -_-“

But we’ll try πŸ™‚


ANYWAY, while working on Photoshop under guidance from Mr Helmi and Kak Ana, we managed to produce our poster like this:

Serious concentration is needed.

Serious concentration is needed.


Yeah, we're trying to loosen it a bit (the stress).

Yeah, we’re trying to loosen it a bit (the pressure).


At last, this is the result of the day:

What do you think of this?

What do you think of this?


Well, at least for now, this is as far as we can produce.

We will try to learn & explore photoshop afterwards in further.

So that we will be able to make a better poster for our video πŸ™‚

That’s all for now. Thank you.

Last Shooting


Hola people πŸ™‚

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah SWT for giving us the time, the strength, the will, the talent & most importantly, the patient

for us to finally finish our shooting for the last two scenes; scene 3 & scene 4.

So, for our SCENE 3GOOD MODEL example

It takes a lot of consideration to choose a proper attire for an interview.

Many overlook the aspect of the combination color of the clothes, the ornaments that we wear or even the shoes/sandals worn.


It is very important for a candidate to know on how to differentiate between what to wear on formal occasion or during an informal setting.

Here, we’re trying to highlight the importance of choosing the right combination of colour and the selection of the clothes itself.

Selection 1

Selection 1

Selection 2

Selection 2

Selection 3

Selection 3



It’s basically the exact opposite of scene 3.

Selection 1

Beautiful, but not suitable for formal occasion.


Still not suitable

Gorgeous, but still not suitable.


This is just some suggestion from our side of opinion.

The selection process will always depends on the individual themselves πŸ™‚

Thank you.

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Heyya peeps!

Kak Ana, one of the instructors have left a message on the in the FB group last week:


Therefore, our group has especially prepared a powerpoint presentation to present to the class regarding our progress in the video-making.


Unfortunately, we woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday!

Our video which has been embedded on the slides is not working at all. It’s stuck! 😦

And we were really disappointed because we could not show our work on the videos to the lecturers.

We don’t know if it’s because of the file is tooΒ heavy or else.



We were really thankful & grateful because the instructors are so understanding of our unexpected situation.

It’s great to know that Mr Helmi & Brother Fuad understood us & told us not to worry because they know that we DO have progress in the video making process.

Brother Fuad even gave tips to gather the videos in one folder to make it easier to be presented in case that this technical problem happens again in the future.

Next time, for SURE, we’re not going to use this method again.


Handling things the manual way is the best way to avoid any unexpected problem.

So, that’s all for today. Thank you.

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Off to Putrajaya

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Hye World πŸ™‚

AS suggested by the title, we went to Putrajaya today πŸ™‚

Purpose: Shooting for Scene 2 & Scene 5

Location: Presint 1, Putrajaya

Transport: Rent car

Time: 12.30 noon – 6 pm

Feelings: All excited & ready to work πŸ˜‰

* All props prepared (except that there’s no stand to hold the camera. So, the video might be a little bit shaky. We did our best)

Alhamdulillah we managed to achieve our target to finish off shooting for scenes 2 and 5. Although we were a bit off the schedule planned, the day went smoothly.


So, for SCENE 2 – the frustrated Fatin went to see her friends during a picnic.

Because there’s a limited time for us to prepare everything so perfectly, we just went on with what we already have at the dorms like the food, the mat etc.

It's not really that hard to find a beautiful spot around here.

It’s not really that hard to find a beautiful spot around here.

Looking for a spot.

Looking for a spot.


Setting the place

Setting the place


This is all that we got haha -_-"

This is all that we got haha -_-“

Get to bussiness

Get to business



It's an NG.

It’s an NG.


Still shooting

Still shooting

To the next location.

To the next location.

Moving on to SCENE 5 – the SUCCESSFUL Fatin met her friend after a long time.


The choosen place

Two friends reunite.

Two friends reunite.

The CameraGirl & The Actress

The Camera Girl & The Actress

Shooting in progress

Shooting in progress


Snap shot from the scene.

Snap shot from the scene.




The talented photographer.

The talented photographer.

Well, that’s the end of our day at Putrajaya.

Wait till the next entry.

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helloHello again people!

So far,today we learnt about Adobe Photoshop.


What can we say is thatΒ there are so much more thing that we need to explore.

It’s really interesting.

And hard too πŸ™‚

Firstly, we need to find a picture and then Mr. Helmi taught us how to crop the picture using magic tool.

This is some of our work during the learning process.


Actually, we can use this application to improve the quality of the pictures taken that we want to include in the video. It’s so that the image will be different from others and we suit the mood with the pictures itself.

For example, like what our seniors have done, they turn their scene in black & white pictures to show the past, which is a long time ago.

Now that we know, we were still brainstorming of where to apply these graphic effects in our videos.

Will it be like this?

Will it be like this?

Anyhow, we’ll try our best to further explore the functions available before continue with the lesson next week.

So, that’s all.

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images (20)Good day everybody.

As the tittle suggest, we had to re-take the first scene that has been completed along with editing and so on 😦


Well that’s because of the quality of resolution of the camera to shoot the video is too low (480mp if I’m not mistaken) which made the quality of the video is not good.

The mistake is ours actually because we didn’t realise that the resolution has been changed during the recording was on (by using camera phone of Samsung Galaxy SIII).

(Credits to Mr Helmi for giving us your guidance)

As usual, our precious extra cast is there to help us.

As usual, our precious extra cast is there to help us.

Therefore, that’s why we accept the mistake and determine to re-take the whole AND intend to take a better shot than the last time.

So, she failed the interview.

So, she failed the interview.

Ah, very FRUSTRATING indeed.

Ah, very FRUSTRATING indeed.

That's all for sneak preview.

That’s all for sneak preview.


See you in the next entry. From us: the 4Diva

See you in the next entry.
From us: the 4Diva


tumblr_m4j4orU58F1qc160uo1_500Since all of us decided to shoot an introduction scene differently from other scenes, we’ve decided to get together at DTAMS to get to work.



After a few trial & errors, we’ve decided to shoot and take the very best shot that we could get from the shots.

Since ideas keep flowing down our minds, the changes are inevitable


with the help of extra props and things around us, we keep trying to create something new.


From the inside (of the hall) —->Β to the outside (of the hall).



SURPRISE!!! What's inside the box.

What’s inside the box.



funny_giraffe_with_hello_hi_sign_cartoon_photosculpture-r2359b704fe2643c0a0eabab61b458186_x7sa6_8byvr_512Good day everybody πŸ™‚

Since it’s already been the 8th week, the next lesson that took place this week is to learn how to work out on the editing process by using Windows Movie Makers. Undeniably this process took a very long time to be finished because there’s a lot of things to do in order to make a perfect video.


That’s ‘Audicity’ on the computer screen.

Turns out we can cut our desired part of a song using this application.

Turns out we can cut our desired part of a song using this application.

Though we can't really work it out by ourselves -_-"

Though we can’t really work it out by ourselves -_-“

We have already searched and searched for songs to be taken as the background songs in the videos to fit in the mood portrayed in each scenes. For example, our first scene involves a sad atmosphere, a dissappointed and frustrated face because Fatin failed the interviews.

Therefore, a song by Jessie J entitled ‘Who You Are’ are chosen to be used in our scenes.

*You can hear the song from the audio attached from previous entry*

After some time editting the first scene, we came up with this result:

1st Scene Draft Video


Plans change according to the situation and time 😦

It’s really too bad our edited video cannot be accepted because the resolution of the video is too low. The videos turns out to be blurry because the setting of resolution is not right. Credit to Mr Helmi for pointed that out. If not, we would really not notice it at all.

So, guess we need to redo it all over again.

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Self encouragement mode